MES ACHIEVERS Jailan El Gabbas - Year Six Squash Star My name is Jailan El Gabbas and I am in Year Six Orange. I have been playing Squash for two years now. I practise at Gezira Club every day for four hours. During this time, I have taken part in, and won, many local competitions.
During the Christmas break, my family and I travelled to England. First, we went to London and then up to Scotland. The reason for this trip was for me to compete in my first international Squash competitions.
At the beginning I was very scared and nervous. However throughout the tour I decided to use the skills my teachers have taught me and remained a 'resilient' 'risk-taker'! It was a real challenge but I persevered throughout.
In total I played six games and every one of them was a difficult test. The hardest match I had was playing against a boy from Scotland and this was my first match in the tournament. All of this paid off and I finished in 1st place in the mixed boys and girls under-11 competition!
Congratulations, Jailan! We look forward to hearing more about your successes in the future
Recently, I was invited by MES Cairo to attend a meeting at the Ministry of State for Family & Population (MOFP), to discuss the rights of the Egyptian child and what we, as young representatives of Egypt, can do to improve children's lives in the deprived areas of Egypt.
I was among the four Egyptian young people who were selected to travel to Syria to represent Egypt at the Youth Convention. We met with the Minister herself, Her Excellency Moushira Khattab. We were encouraged by her to go to Syria with confidence and to contribute fully to the discussions based on improving the lives of the children all over the Arab world. At the end of the conference all the participating young people were given certificates to thank them for their contribution and our group was interviewed by the Syrian media to talk about our experience.
I still attend meetings at the Ministry Cabinet every Wednesday where we are preparing for other conferences. We discuss the articles of the UN Convention for the Rights of the Child and state our opinion on how to better implement it in our country. It feels reassuring to know that Egyptian children have so many people who care about them and who can and will hear their concerns and try to solve their problems. I feel I am doing something positive for my country and for the Egyptian children and I am thankful that I was among those chosen to represent Egypt at the Youth Conference in Syria. Mina Fouad Iskander - Year 12 Yellow
The Ministry of State for Family and Population continues to build strong ties with the students of MES Cairo.

I was delighted to be chosen by the Ministry to attend The 10th Arab Forum for Children that was recently held in Doha, Qatar. The forum was organised by the Supreme Council for Family Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage. At this event, I was privileged to be one of approximately 100 young people chosen from all over the Arab world. The event took place in Qatar, supervised by professional leaders experienced in dealing with youth welfare and children's rights across the Arab world.
The Egyptian delegation was composed of four young people, aged between 15 and 18, who got the chance to actively participate throughout the whole forum and share their experience with other participants from the different Arab countries and I was thrilled to be one of them!

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