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The 2012-2013 athletic season has come to an end after another successful year of Cougar athletics. The entire MES community had the opportunity to celebrate both team and individual successes at our annual Athletic Awards Banquet on June 9, 2013. The event was held in the MES theatre and served to congratulate the successes and growth of our teams and athletes as well as look forward to the opportunities and possibilities of the 2013-2014 season.

For the first time this season, MES athletes had the privilege of training on the brand new, all weather track that was installed last summer. This state of the art facility along with our new sprint starting blocks and hurdles allowed the track and field team to grow in both numbers and quality of performances. Our track season culminated successfully in MES Cairo’s in house Sports Day, in addition to a city wide track meet at the Olympic Stadium in Maadi. This meet saw MES athletes competing well with the top Cairo schools. Next year our track athletes will have the opportunity to travel further afield and put their training to the test against international competitors.

Our rugby team continued building on their successes from the previous two years and were able to host friendly matches on their home pitch with the addition of our newly constructed removable rugby posts. The rugby development system at MES has been bolstered by the introduction of a junior rugby club for boys in the middle school age group. Rugby at MES is steadily developing into a strong and sustainable program. Our golf team had its inaugural season this year with a committed core group of students who trained for the majority of the year at the Marriot golf course. The team has progressed from training their basic skills on the driving range and the putting greens to competing against each other and learning the etiquette of the course. They are looking forward to competitive opportunities with other school s in Cairo next season.

The MES swimming pool has had a facelift as well. Five brand new official starting blocks now adorn the deep end of the pool, allowing us to teach racing starts in Physical Education and swim training as well as making our pool eligible to host swim meets in the future. The fall will see our swim team take to the water as well as the initiation of the MES water polo team. As our student physical fitness levels continue to improve across the board, our athletic facilities have increased accordingly to continue challenging our students. A brand new Fitness Centre is being created over the summer that will allow for medicine ball, free weight and kettlebell resistance training as well as yoga and aerobics. Students will have access to instruction in these domains in physical education classes and our athletic teams will be able to use this fantastic facility to increase fitness levels, resulting in more competitive teams.

Families are encouraged to stay informed and be involved in their student’s participation in the athletic program. The school website will contain regular updates on the performance of our teams and individual athletes. It will also provide updated schedules of both local and international competitions that MES teams are involved in. The athletic calendar for the 2013-2014 academic year can be accessed at this link. It will be updated as more competitive opportunities are scheduled. Parents will be informed of games their children will be participating in at other Cairo schools by SMS. Further team information will be sent home with athletes or communicated through them. We encourage you to talk to your student about their involvement in athletics and welcome members of the MES community to attend competitions as often as possible.

In order to maintain high levels of integrity, school pride and responsibility, the MES Athletic Department requires that all student athletes and their parents sign an Honour Code. This contract links student’s participation in athletic teams with their conduct and performance in and around school. Our student athletes are students first and foremost and are meant to model and uphold the values stated in the graduate profile. The Honour Code as well as other necessary forms for competing including hosting forms and medical clearance forms can be found at the links below and must be filled out and returned to the Athletic Department prior to your student athlete attending training.

The following sports will begin in Term One and practices will start as early as the week of September 8, 2013:
Varsity and Junior Varsity Boys and Girls Football
Varsity and Junior Varsity Boys and Girls Volleyball
Boys and Girls Swimming and Water polo
Boys and Girls Golf
Boys Rugby

The forms that students and parents are required to fill out completely and returned to the athletic office are:

-MES Cairo Athletic Code of Honour

-ISAC and CISSA Medical Release Form

-Athletic Team Transportation Sign-up Form

-MES Hosting Form


Over the summer a new track surface was installed over the existing MES cement track. The lines for specific running events were inaccurately marked on the old track and the whole thing was in a state of disrepair. The installation of this new facility was meticulously supervised everyday by Mrs. Dajani. It is not any ordinary track surface—it is a state of the art All Weather track surface, comparable to the best tracks in all of Cairo. In the words of the students when they first saw it and walked on it, “it feels spongy and fast!” AWESOME!!

The Track has curbs, water gutters, beautifully marked lanes, exchange zones, and starting and finish lines for many of the more common track races. After last year’s fantastic Sports Day and the initiation of a Track and Field Team, the enthusiasm and excitement to begin training has been overwhelming this year. The number of students that have started training for all of our MES athletic teams has hit an all time high. The improvement in all of the athletic facilities, especially the Track has created an excitement unmatched in MES history.

The track has also added to the opportunities and success of sports in our Physical Education classes. The pride and willingness to train by our students has been tremendously improved due in part to the new track surface and professional look. The state of athletics and PE at MES is in great shape and is continually improving. The new Track is certainly our new center piece that we are all most proud of!






On a sweltering Monday September 17th at 3:15 in the afternoon, so mething unprecedented and amazing happened on the MES football pitch. Roughly 10% of the student body showed up, dressed down, warmed up and took part in this year’s very first ‘Witness the Fitness’ session.

‘Witness the Fitness’ is an intense, weekly fitness training session provided for members of Cougar athletic teams and any other MES student who values an active lifestyle. It combines elements of circuit, resistance, speed, core and agility training. It packs a high intensity punch and will produce serious fitness results in those who regularly attend.

Come challenge yourself against the fittest Cougars!





The 2011-2012 athletic season has come to an end after another highly successful year. The Athletic Banquet was held on 30th May where we celebrated both team and individual performances. The emphasis was on this year's accomplishments but also with a look and preview of next year's possibilities.

There were many major improvements in the facilities this year and the floor in the Sports Hall will be refinished and a new all-weather track will be installed over the summer break. Track and Field as a school sport was introduced this spring with amazing results. Next year MES Cairo will sponsor a Track and Field Team, a Water Polo Team, Junior and Senior Rugby Teams, and a Golf Team. The number of possibilitiesfor our student athletes will be at an all time high.

Plans for numerous international tournaments are scheduled along with hosting Junior Varsity Football and Basketball tournaments. MES Cairo is currently a member

of our local Cairo League, CISSA, as well as the international organization, ISAC, which will schedule most of our competitions. We are also looking towards Europe for additional tournaments and camps.

For the first time, MES Cairo will be requiring students and their parents to sign and abide by an Athlete Code of Honour. This will connect students' performances in the classroom and around school with their participation on the athletic field or courts. It will also spell out very clearly the expectations that each team will require for students to achieve maximum performance and success. One of the major requirements is that students and their families agree to host visiting athletes for the tournaments we host.

With the first day of school for students being 5th September, the forms for interested athletes are found on connecting links on the bottom of this article. These can be downloaded, signed, and turned into the athletic office during the first week of school. Practices will begin almost immediately when school resumes. With tournaments starting in mid-October, time will be of the essence in regards to the start of practices.

 MES Cairo sends out SMS messages to parents informing them of matches and contests their sons and daughters are involved in. Therefore, current phone numbers must be provided. Schedules, individual games, practice days, tournament dates and other team related information should be communicated directly by the student to their parent. There may be times that papers are sent home to parents but this will be held to a minimum. Parents are always encouraged to call the athletic office for any additional information. We enthusiastically invite all parents to attend their child's competitions.

The following sports will begin in Term One and practices will start no later than 9th September:

Varsity and Junior Varsity Boys and Girls Football

Varsity and Junior Varsity Boys and Girls Volleyball

Boys and Girls Swim and Water Polo

Boys and Girls Golf

Boys and Girls Rugby

The forms that need to be filled out completely, signed by students and parents, and returned to the athletic office are:

*ISAC and CISSA Medical Release Form

*MES Cairo Housing Forms A & B

*Squad Member Contract

*MES Cairo Athletic Code of Honour

*Sports Team Transportation Sign-up form

These can be found on the links below:

*ISAC and CISSA Medical Release Form

*MES Housing Forms A

*MES Housing Forms B

*Squad Member Contract

*MES Cairo Athletic Code of Honor

*Sports Team Transportation Sign-up form

*Introductory letter





The 2011/2012 MES Athletic year has again proven to be very successful for the Cougars. MES has a long standing tradition of excellence on the athletic pitch and court and this year has been no exception. We have also seen the initiation of a strength and fitness component in our athletic program that will continue throughout the year into next with even greater emphasis on increasing athleticism and skill.

The opportunities for our teams to compete in our local CISSA league, ISAC International competitions, and international tournaments have given our athletes many opportunities to perform and participate at high competitive levels. Next year we are looking at expanding these and other competitions for our students at all levels.

The MES athletic facilities have taken on a new look with many new artistic murals, drawings, slogans, and the construction of a new, prominently displayed trophy case, highlighting MES accomplishments. Anyone that enters our Sports Hall now has our 20 foot MES Cougar imposing its ''stare'' upon them.

The 2011/2012 school year also saw the re-creation of its Swim team. Although the numbers were small, we are anticipating greater number each year as students become more aware of its existence. The Rugby team has also expanded its season to one of more practice time and
competitions. The numbers of boys that have joined the team has exploded with great enthusiasm and representation from all grades.

The Athletic Department has reorganized its clearance process to ensure students safety and parental permission and communication. All athletic paperwork goes through the athletic office with a clearance slip given to each athlete to provide their coach with at the first day of practice. We have eliminated the paper trail and travel permission slips and have gone to parents being sent SMS messages regarding events and matches. However, we strongly support the continual dialogue between parents and their children regarding the season and tournament play and fully support parents coming to their child's contests.

Please click on this year's Sports Brief to review the success of our teams so far this school year.

You may also check out the school's sports calendar to find out when the Cougars play next.

GO COUGARS!                                                                                                                                                                           Master athletic schedule


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