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Making Egypt Safe and Clean
Sorry for the inconvenience, but we're building Egypt! MES Cairo students have been involved in a myriad of environmental campaigns and projects throughout their school careers. Today, a large number of them are delighted to be getting some extra-special opportunities. Our students are going out onto the streets and making a real difference to the atmosphere of their local communities. The MES Cairo Mission Statement states that we are a community providing high quality education and promoting international understanding and responsible citizenship. Little did we expect when we opened our doors in Term 2 that this would come together in such a historically significant way. The spirit of helping others and caring for your community and environment is obviously strong in the MES Cairo family. Our students returned to school on 20th February bursting with stories of how they had been making a difference. The Egyptian nation is proving to the world that it is an exceptionally civilised and great nation, beamed one Year 7 student who spoke of his pride in the clean-up campaigns that are taking place all over Cairo. We all had many stories to share. We want to share with readers how thrilled our young people are to be able to help improve the environment. These student stories show just how motivated they are to help others and their mature independence shines through in their willingness to initiate as well as join in these activities. Throughout the closures in February, students remained in a strong position with their studies as MES Cairo continued to provide educational opportunities for students using its Moodle online learning platform. Our students plan to continue to help their communities alongside their commitments to their academic work, now that life at MES Cairo is back in full swing.

Karin Hatem - IBDP11
After the protests that happened on the 27th January, the patriotism of the Egyptian people was at its peak. As soon as I got back to Cairo after the enormous changes that had occurred, I was desperate to help my country in any way that I could. Being a part of Interact Rotary Kasr El Nil, a worldwide foundation operating in Egypt to solve its problems, I was enthusiastic to be part of their street cleaning event. We went street cleaning in front of one of the Embassies and also painted sidewalks. The process was tiring but enjoyable. I wasnt forced to do this. This process took about three hours and included many Egyptian students with others from MES Cairo too. We were encouraged to keep going as cars stopped and cheered us on, shouting words like, Yes, you are the coming generations. We are proud of you and proud that you care. I want to give more and more. I felt useful and am proud to have helped Egypt. In my eyes Egypt is now the best country in the world. This was only the start. After this life changing experience, I have decided to clean more streets, and to be a part of a movement to change Egypt, completely and forever. Farida Kassaby - Grade 11
After the recent events, I felt a great feeling of patriotism. It was the feeling of wanting this country to be the best it can be, and I wanted to help. Little did I know that I was not the only one. For six days, with a group that I got to join through Facebook, I helped to clean the streets of Maadi and I also joined the clean-up efforts one day in Tahrir Square. There were more than 200 people cleaning up there and painting the pavements. We are still cleaning up and it is a really wonderful experience. The teamwork, cooperation and unity between everyone is fantastic. My favourite part of the experience is watching the reactions of people passing by call out messages of gratitude like Rabena Yakhaleko Leh Masr (God protect you for Egypt), Allah Yenawr (Way to go), or Heya Deeh Shabab Masr (These are the true young people of Egypt's future). Some people even give up some of their time and stop to help us spontaneously. Some supermarkets/kiosks give us water and drinks for free. It is truly a great experience and I am relishing every single moment of it. I plan to keep it up on a periodic basis. Sohaila El Mahdy - Grade 11
I started organising a cleaning campaign for the Nasr City area on Facebook. I was delighted to find that so many people were so enthusiastic to help improve Egypt. I have always cared about the environment and want to improve the image of my country. Egyptians respect the environment and we want the whole world to know that. We were five on the first day my cleaning campaign in Nasr City started. In just two weeks we grew into a group of two hundred and fifty people! We start everyday by picking up the trash then sweeping the streets. After that we paint the pavements. Our work has inspired people to give us free equipment, including the very expensive paint. Helping improve the conditions of the streets is not only enjoyable, it is also very rewarding to see how successful the campaign has become. I am very proud of what we are doing and plan to keep the campaign going! Conor Harvey Grade 10 Asking people to clean the streets of Egypt is a considerably easy task now that national pride is running higher than ever. That is why you will notice groups of people cleaning and re-painting the streets all over Cairo. The first time we helped out (I was with Adam Helwa and Gamal Abdel Ghafaar), many of the people who were driving past were taking videos and pictures of us as we were cleaning. This has been a new concept for Cairo residents and I think it is the first time the whole world has seen such a thing. It is amazing that the Egyptian people held such peaceful protests and then so admirably decided to clean up their streets. We all hope that the momentum will keep going and that more and more Egyptians will now fight for a better, cleaner Egypt. A large number of other MES Cairo students have also been taking part in the Cairo clean-up campaigns.

This extract from El Masry El Youm published online on 17th February 2011, sums up this exciting historical development that so many of our students are proud to be a part of: Following the presidents resignation, citizens were again mobilized through Facebook to take to the streets. This time the mission was strictly environmental: people were encouraged to clean Tahrir as protesters left the area. Thousands responded to the call, heading to the square armed with brooms, garbage bags and masks. In the end, Tahrir was cleaner than it had been in recent memory. It was quite possibly the first revolution to see protesters conduct an operation to clean up the streets they had occupied. Many protesters said the people were finally empowered and that the feeling of ownership of the streets was a testament to their emancipation. Cleaning was an important part of this newfound pride and respect for what the square now represented. As one volunteer said to Al-Masry Al-Youm, may the days of apathy when we saw garbage piles throughout Cairo be long gone. We are witnessing the rebirth of Egypt. May it be spotlessly clean by all means Several smaller Facebook campaigns have also urged clean-ups in various parts of Cairo, including Cairo cleaning convention, and Egypt rebuilding campaign, which involves several initiatives in addition to street cleaning. Other groups include Cleaning Cairo as a second step and Lets clean our country. Article: The Lotus Revolution: An environmental awakening in the making?

Plastic Recycling Programme - MES Cairo going green!

23 January 2011 NJHS students have worked hard to start a new plastic recycling programme and from last week you will have noticed new green trash bins in the Secondary yard. Please help support this programme by using the green bins for plastic items only.

MES Cairo On a Mission: Green Day On 1st December 2010 MES Cairo Secondary celebrated Environmental Day, dubbed "Green Day" by many students. The day was a huge success in raising awareness about recycling at MES Cairo and gave students a lot to think about. The success of the day was down to the many different activities that took place, which involved all 800 of our Secondary students. Talking Tees
Mrs. Prime explains, "A competition was held for Secondary students, inviting them to design a T-Shirt with a 'green' message and wear it on Environment Day." The message could be communicated through words and/or pictures. Those communicating their message most effectively through a well designed slogan and/or simple image were awarded with certificates and prizes.

The winners of the Talking Tees competition were: Upper school Winner: Nihal Shousha Y12R Lower school Winner: Samuel El-Metaal Y7B Runner up: Jomana Abou-El-Ela G7R

Awesome Assemblies
Students were treated to a short assembly that was led by their peers as nearly a dozen students from Years and Grades 8 until 12 took to the stage. Representing the Nati onal Honours Society (NHS) were Guilia Ramadan(DP11) and Caroline Khalil (DP11), who are in charge of the NHS Paper Recycling Project which has been going on for two years now and involves collecting paper that has been placed by teachers in dedicated "paper recycling" trays in each classroom. By raising awareness about the project they hope that more paper than ever will be collected this year. The collected paper is distributed amongst local families who can then sell the paper for recycling. The money that these families make from the paper collected allows them to pay for their children's tuition. Undertaking their own initiative the National Junior Honours Society (NJHS) are also setting up a complimentary recycling project in the Secondary school. Youssef Gouda (Y10), Mary Henry (G9), Ingie Enan (G9) and Amir Salem (Y10) raised money to buy special trash cans for the project. In January 2011 these bins were placed around the Secondary school. They are colour coded; one for plastics and one for paper! Adham Benhawy (DP12) and Hadeer Ahmed (DP12) are leading a project as part of their IB Diploma programme that focuses on recycling at MES Cairo. The main goals of our CAS project are to raise awareness and tell people about the recycling process and how it can be applied to daily life. Our slogan is "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" so we are looking forward to reducing the amount of garbage produced daily at MES Cairo, reusing things such as paper and bottles and recycling the material that cannot be reused or used more than once. We have chosen to work with Primary students so that we can build good habits within the younger students. Student Performance: Closing the assembly three talented students filled the theatre with the sounds of Joni Mitchell as they sang Big Yellow Taxi and gave us all something to think about. Thank you to Hana Seif El Nasr(Y8), Ahmed Saharty (G12) and Conor Harvey (G10). Fantastic Film
After hearing about what action is being taken within MES Cairo on the issue of recycling and our environment, all students watched a very powerful film, Garbage Dreams. This film documents the lives of three boys who are growing up in the recycling community of Cairo. The film has won twenty-five international film awards and has received excellent reviews from all over the world, including the New York Times, the Bill Gates Foundation and recognition from former American Vice-President Al Gore. Playing Garbage Dreams
After watching the students proceeded to the yard for break. This being a Wednesday, second break featured the weekly House competition as Mr. Todd , Secondary House Coordinator tells us; " In line with the whole Environment Day, the House team had invented a game which would consolidate the les sons learnt in the assemblies as well as provide some practical training in the separation of garbage. Each House had three bins, one for each of three different types of waste; cardboard/paper, plastic and 'other'. Students had to dispose of their trash in the correct bin. Anything found in the wrong bin lost points for the House.. Each House did so well at the game that no points were deducted and a tie between all four Houses was the final result."
To finish the day the MES Cairo Staff Social Committee invited all the staff to a special viewing of 'Garbage Dreams' after school on Environment Day. After the screening there was an opportunity to meet representatives from The Recycling School who were ready to answer the many questions raised by the film. With Primary and Secondary staff together, enthusiastic ideas were flowing and we look forward to developing further links with The Recycling School as we all work towards saving the environment. After a very successful day everyone is now looking forward to Environment Day becoming an annual event. There are many ongoing projects that students can get involved in and we look forward to more reports on activities during the year. Thank you to Mr. Ezzat and the Source Segregation team at The Recycling School and to all the teachers and students that made the day happen. It's not just about one day though, so GET INVOLVED and MAKE A DIFFERENCE ! Ms Alice Allsop - Make A Difference Coordinator

This year's Creative Action Service Trip to Fayoum saw twenty-five DP11 and DP12 students take on a global art challenge set by Ms. Allsop and Ms. Prime. The MES Cairo group arrived at the small village of Tunis to the open-armed greeting of Mohamed Abla, who runs the International Arts Centre in Fayoum and was a host for the weekend.
The main focus for the weekend was a project that would last one full day. Students had been given inputs about global issues during the weekend and were asked to come up with a piece of installation art that reflected on global issues. In groups, students had to decide what issue, or issues, they would focus on, and what they would use to create their piece of art. Each group were given the same materials to use; a piece of white fabric, bamboo canes, sketch book and paints, but everyone was encouraged to also use what they found in the environment around them. What resulted were five brilliantly diverse interpretations of the theme, which included; a clock, a river, a table, a tree and a grave! Clock : - 'Depletion of Natural Resources' - Karin George, Giulia Ramadan, Seif Hussein, Ahmed Khattib and Mona Gaber River : - 'Pollution of the Waterways' - Seif Ghaffar, Yasmine Hindawi, Nadine Maged, Menna Raafat and Mohamed Louai. Table with Reaching Hands : - 'Neediness' - Farah Debala, Ezz Diab, Nour El-Khazindar, Caroline Khalil and Abdullah Loah. Grave : - 'The Death or Imminent Death of Values' - Adham Benhawy, Yasmine Akef, Farah Azmy and Karim Nouh, DP11. Tree : - ' The Root of Discrimination' - Nesma Ghendy, Hekmat Madbouly Ahmed Sawan, Marwan Galal and Ibrahim Eid On Saturday, the group had the privilege to participate in a discussion led by Donald Benson, who is the editor of Obelisque Magazine. In the discussion Mr. Benson and the students discussed ways in which they could contribute to the welfare of society and how to encourage and motivate others to do the same. Finally, Ms Prime, set the task of designing a t-shirt with a global message. There were loads of great ideas and everyone enjoyed wearing their t-shirts on the last day. This small project inspired the 'Talking Tees' competition held on Environment Day. All in all, an unforgettable, mind-expanding experience in Fayoum! A huge t hank you to Ms. Prime and Mr. DiMatteo for accompanying the visit. Ms. A. Allsop - CAS Coordinator

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