MSA Accreditation


Successful MSA Accreditation visit November 2012

Middle States Accreditation (MSA) –fifth accreditation awarding body to re-accredit
MES Cairo over a period of eighteen months.

They came, they saw and they were certainly impressed! This has been the experience of every validation team that has graced the campus of MES Cairo over the past two years. The Middle States Association accreditation visit that took place between 11th and 14th November 2012 proved to be no different.

Dr. Tom Lubben and his team of accreditors recognised the complexity of our organisation and commented very specifically on the caring, challenging and inspirational leadership demonstrated by the Managing Director, Mrs. Sawsan L. Dajani in running such an organisation. They also acknowledged our genuine desire for continuous growth and improvement and the ability of the staff and Senior Leadership Team in making that a reality.
Throughout the four days, the validation team felt the positive climate that pervades the students’ learning experience as they journey through their school life. As they spoke to students, parents and teachers, they could not help but pick up on the sense of pride that was felt by all. Furthermore, Dr. Lubben praised our willingness to support each other in times of need – a true hallmark of a caring community.

As for our challenges, the validation team agreed with our three chosen objectives and was satisfied with the action plans and systems put in place to monitor, evaluate, review and revise our way to improvement.
As a result, we have successfully met the standards for accreditation of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools as well as the requirements for the Excellence by Design protocol. The accrediting team found their MES Cairo experience to be both ‘enriching and rewarding’. For our school community, the experience was equally beneficial as it allowed us the opportunity to examine not only the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of what we do but more importantly the ‘why’. The ‘why’, embodied by our mission, beliefs and graduate profile will act as our compass in years to come as we prepare our future graduates to lead in their chosen endeavours.

However, before we take another step let us just pause, look at what we have accomplished and give ourselves a huge pat on the back because we have certainly earned it. CONGRATULATIONS, MES Cairo!

Mr. K. El. Metaal – Secondary Deputy Head of Teaching and Learning


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