MES is proud to announce that 14 of its student's from the Peripatetic Department have passed their graded Trinity music exams this May, many achieving a distinction for their efforts.
This year is the first year for MES to select student's to participate in this examination process. 
We look forward to entering many more of our student's for these prestigious and internationally recognized certificates in the future.  To learn more about Trinity, click on this link:


The Arts at MES Cairo
Performing Arts - October 2011

New Staff
The Performing Arts Department at MES Cairo is delighted to welcome two new members of staff who join Mr. Todd, Mr. Tomlin and Mr. Thurston in delivering the school's varied and diverse courses in Music and Theatre. Ms Philippa Needham   Ms. Needham has just arrived from England and is teaching Music to all ages in secondary, including Year and Grade Seven, Year and Grade Eight, GCSE and American High School Band. She is also involved with the band for the forthcoming Secondary Production, 'The Caucasian Chalk Circle'.
Ms. Nadya Shanab   Ms. Shanab has returned to MES Cairo, having completed her education at the school a few years ago before heading off to The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in England. Ms. Shanab is delighted to be teaching Drama to Year Eight, Theatre to Grades Nine and Ten as well as American High School Band in Grade Eleven. Secondary Production
Excitement and anticipation are building as we approach the performance dates of our Secondary Production, 'The Caucasian Chalk Circle', by Bertolt Brecht. Brecht transformed people's view of Theatre and its purpose in the mid-twentieth century and this play is one of his best. The cast ranges from Year/Grade 8 through to Year/Grade/DP Twelve. The senior students involved have also been studying the piece in A-Level and IB classes. Don't miss the performances in the last week of November. It promises to be an entertaining and informative piece of classic 20th Century theatr e.

Drama for All
During the recent In-Service Training Days the Performing Arts Department joined together with the World Languages and English Departments to discuss and explore how Drama techniques could be used in other subjects to bring the spoken word to life. All the teachers involved threw themselves into the project with energy and enthusiasm as they were introduced to games and exercises used by Drama and Theatre teachers to build self-confidence, improve speaking and listening skills and develop improvisational abilities. Everyone agreed that the exercises would be of great value in their own classrooms and would certainly encourage the emotion and passion needed to deliver interesting and exciting presentation, be it in English, French, Spanish or Arabic. The Performing Arts Department plans to develop a database of such games which will be accessible to all teachers and to share their expertise on how to teach students to give and receive constructive criticism sensitively. MES Cairo Art Department News - September 2011

The Secondary Art and Design Technology department is thriving. This year we have six teachers in the team. We welcome Brooke Vogel and Christian Maldonado from the United States and Simon Griffin joined us late last year from Northern Ireland. Karen Elliott is again teaching in the department with James Crabb and myself, Lucy Prime. We can promise lots of exciting projects this year for all students in Art. Indeed, new projects are already being completed and the latest work from the G12 AP art students can be seen in the gallery. IGCSE Art has a healthy uptake and we are running AS and A2 art courses in the British Section. We look forward to the IB Visual Art exhibition later in the year. American Section Art electives remain popular with our students. The latest developments include the Digital, Video, Media course introduced by James Crabb into G12. American section Design technology is taking a new direction under the guidance of Christian Maldonado, focusing on Graphics and Design through ICT. So far this has caused much excitement and we will bring you further developments. In the British Section, IGCSE Design Technology has proved to be a popular choice and we now have two groups in Y9 for the first time. Stage Art is a popular after school activity again with Secondary students of all ages coming to the department three afternoons a week to work on the set for The Caucasian Chalk Circle. It is a varied and challenging set that has been inspired by the styles of a wide range of artists. Primary Art : MES Cairo has a specialist Art teacher in Primary for the first time. We are very excited for Nicola Millington in her new role and look forward to liaising with her. Gallery : Secondary artwork from the successful whole school summer art exhibition ART@20eleven is on display all over the school. Some highlights have been selected for the gallery. Students did well with the Cambridge International IGCSE and AS art examinations and as a department we had a 100% A-C pass rate. Some examination artworks can also be seen in the gallery. Mrs. L. Prime - Head of Secondary Art Department

MES Cairo Performing Arts Department
2010-11 Projects
Year 9 IGCSE Drama

The Year 9 IGCSE Drama class worked in small groups on four script extracts as a first tasteof the coursework requirements of the course:
Waiting for Godot (Samuel Beckett)
A Streetcar Named Desire (Tennessee Williams)
A View From the Bridge (Arthur Miller)
The Caucasian Chalk Circle (Bertolt Brecht)
Year 10 IGCSE Drama
In Term 2, the Year 10 class studied the Terrence Rattigan play as part of their course. The Winslow Boy was examined in depth in preparation for questions in the written examinations.
Grade 9/10 Theatre II
The Theatre II class carried out their first performance as a newly-formed theatre company. Having studied some in-depth acting techniques, the group performed an extract from John Godber's autobiographical piece Happy Families. Two students explored the tricks of directing while others designed costumes and set up lighting for the play.
DP11 & 12 Theatre
The IB Theatre class have been worked on an Extreme Theatre project by exploring Berkoff's Metamorphosis and discovering the value of actioning . They then embarked on an exciting project which formed the basis of their Independent Project. They explored August Strindberg's masterpiece, Miss Julie, and prepared extracts from it using two different practitioner's theories on how to achieve psychological realism . They then compared the two techniques, searching for similarities and differences. How will Declan Donnelly's The Actor and the Target compare to the timeless method of Stanislavski?
IB Theatre news updates for Term 3 coming soon!
Mr. Todd

MES Cairo Secondary Production 2011
November 2011 will see the unveiling of a brand new production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle, a play by German playwright and director, Bertolt Brecht.
The quality of performance at the auditions was so high that the team have had no choice but to appoint two casts to the roles. The Junior Cast and Senior Cast will support each other during the rehearsal process and in performance. It will be fascinating to see how each pair of actors develop their roles. Brecht himself often asked his actors to play each others' roles to give the distance from the character he was trying to achieve so I am sure he would approve of what should be an exciting rehearsal period.
The story revolves around an abandoned baby and the servant girl who rescues him. Years later, when the child's natural mother returns to reclaim him, Judge Azdak must make the decision as to which of the two women has more right to keep the child.
Brecht was tired of the theatre he saw around him and developed his own style, known as Epic Theatre. His plays challenged audiences to think about the situations being portrayed rather than just enjoying them as stories. He wanted his audiences to reflect on the choices made by his characters and thus consider their own paths in life. He hoped to help people improve the lives of themselves and the society of which they were part.
Modern audiences have become used to his style, even if they are not aware that much theatre nowadays has been heavily influenced by his work. In order to achieve the same effect on an audience now as would have happened in the mid-twentieth century, MES Cairo is embarking on a process of updating Brechtian techniques. It is a very exciting project and students from the whole of the Secondary school will be involved in the numerous aspects of bringing a show together.
As with all the shows that MES Cairo produces, audiences are sure to be treated to a feast of entertainment with some thought-provoking moments.

Art Department News
Many exciting projects were completed by MES Cairo students last year and displays around the school are a testimony to the high standard of work being created across the year groups. The work of our Grade 11 and 12 Art students is featured in the MES Cairo website Art gallery. Last year's projects ranging from still life to fish can be seen in there. Term 3 projects and Art Exhibition news updates coming soon!
Mrs. Prime

Upcoming Events

IBO Exams (2-13)/ AP Exams (2-12)
Tuesday 3rd May 2016 to Thursday 5th May 2016

Y6 Transition to Secondary Mtg 1:45-2:45
Wednesday 4th May 2016

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Wednesday 4th May 2016 to Thursday 5th May 2016

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Thursday 5th May 2016

WIRED Inservice 9:00-2:50
Sunday 8th May 2016

All ASAs Start (T3)
Sunday 8th May 2016

IBO Exams (2-13)/ AP Exams (2-12)
Sunday 8th May 2016 to Wednesday 11th May 2016

Languages Trip (France)(7-12)
Monday 9th May 2016 to Thursday 12th May 2016

Y6 Options Deadline /Primary Parent/Teacher Meeting
Tuesday 10th May 2016

Primary Parent/Teacher Meeting
Wednesday 11th May 2016

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Thursday 12th May 2016

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Thursday 12th May 2016

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Sunday 15th May 2016 to Monday 16th May 2016

Last Day for Seniors  
Monday 16th May 2016

Secondary T&L Week (15-19)/ Y6 CAT and MAP tests (17-19)/ G6-9 MAP tests (12-31)
Sunday 15th May 2016 to Thursday 19th May 2016

FS1 Gradparents' Day
Tuesday 17th May 2016

FS1 Production
Thursday 19th May 2016

Excellence in Education Interviews (22-23)
Sunday 22nd May 2016 to Monday 23rd May 2016

Whole Staff Professional Development Meeting 12:00-4:30 / GQ import & Warning Lists
Monday 23rd May 2016

G12 Final Exams (22-26) / Primary Assessment Week (22-26)/ G6-9 MAP tests (12-31)
Tuesday 24th May 2016 to Thursday 26th May 2016

US Academic Warnings
Thursday 26th May 2016

Graduation Photo
Sunday 29th May 2016

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Primary French Day
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Spring Choral Concert
Monday 30th May 2016

Art Exhibition - Opening
Tuesday 31st May 2016