Friday and Saturday, February 8th & 9th was a great weekend for MES Athletics!

Our Girls Middle School Football team won the ISAC Championship and our Boys finished second. Congratulations goes to Steve Perry, Hytham Tayl, Jonny Ashby, Dean El-Hoss, and Matt Coolin.

Our Girls Varsity Basketball Team finished second at the CISSA CHampionships and our Boys finished fourth. Our Boys JV Basketball Team won the CISSA Championship and our Girls JV Team finished second. Congratulations goes out to Andrew Gross and Laura Quarin.

A special thanks and praise goes to our secretaries, Clements's crew, accounting, Vivian, Administration, and our always dependable transportation department. We could never offer the program and the success we have experienced without all the help, support, and assistance they have always given to us!



The 2013 Athletic Year started off with a Bang! Our Boys and Girls JV Football Teams and our Middle School Basketball teams were scheduled to play their season ending tournaments in December. However, with a number of days being eliminated from both practices and tournament play due to possible local city demonstrations, the tournaments were rescheduled for this last weekend, January 18th and 19th. The lack of practice and time off was definitely a hinderance to our overall play and finish at these tournaments.
The Boys JV Football team finished 5th at the CISSA Championships on Friday, January 18th. The Boys Middle School basketball team finished 7th and the Girls finished 6th. The placings of these teams was not indicative of the level of play and improvement they showed throughout the year. Congratulations goes out to all the athletes and coaches for a fine year. Coaches are already looking forward to the next yearís seasons.
Plans are being made for our Middle School Boys and Girls to play in the ISAC Middle School Football tournament February 7-9 and for our Boys JV Basketball team to co-host the ISAC JV Basketball tournament here at MES on February 15th & 16th.
The Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball teams will be playing their CISSA Championships on February 1st and 2nd. The JV Basketball teams will play their CISSA tournaments on February 9th with MES hosting the Girls tournament.

Varsity Girls Volleyball Ė October 2012

With our culminating CISSA tournament in October looming over us from our very first try-out, the varsity girlís volleyball team had a short but intense season. The large number of girls who attended our four try-outs demonstrated a

level of talent and dedication that made cutting the roster down to twelve a difficult task. Our eventual roster was a mix of experience and abilities. Through a continued demonstration of an admirable work ethic and commitment from all, we were able to use the short amount of practice time we had to develop a system of play and assign roles within that system. We drew from our variety of backgrounds and strengths and put together a unit that functioned cohesively with everyone understanding and respecting their contributing role within the larger unit.
Our pre-season was very successful with an initial win over a visiting El Alsson squad and an upset that saw us beat the CAC favorites in their own gym. The CISSA tournament hosted by ISC-C began very well for us. We finished a solid second place in the group stage, moving us forward into the semi final crossover round. We met El Alsson in the semiís, beating them two sets to nil in order to move into the finals. We met the host school, two time CISSA champions ISC-C in the final match. Despite an incredible run of 17 unanswered points in the first game that showed the teams character and a solid team effort to keep
the score close in the second game, ISC-C beat us two very close games to nil in the finals, resulting in a commendable second place finish for MES.
The hard hitting offense and stalwart defense of our two starting middle blockers Toni Hammer and Mena Afifi set the tone of our play. Our four setters Sarah Bahaa, Farah Sharawy, Amina El Khadem and Yara Refaie got to virtually every second ball and demonstrated a calm consistency that let our big hitters finish the rallies. Our starting powers, the only grade eleven on the team Bana Al Bitar joined by Alia El Khadem with only one prior seasonís volleyball experience under her belt, both demonstrated a natural athleticism that complemented their positions on the court. Our four other graduating seniors Monia Hamdy, Sarah Malak, Zein Dakrouri and Rowan Torky all played a great season and showed a willingness to trust their team and coaches in order to learn new positions and systems of play. In the end, our admirable second place finish at CISSA would not have been possible without the contribution of every single twelve members of the team.

Coaches: Mrs. C. Downey, Ms. L. Quarin, Ms. J. Bugeia


Sports Day 2012
Sports Day 2012 was a huge success with students from Year and Grade groups in Secondary participating and competing in their respective Houses. The Grade/Years 7-9 competed during lessons 1 and 2 and Grade/Years 10-12 competed during lessons 4 and 5 on Wednesday - in the

running events. Students that competed in the Field events were able to leave their classes on Thursday only during the time needed to complete their events.

All students were asked to select at least one event to compete in and represent their House.  All students were also asked to compete in the Foam Javelin competition on the infield on Wednesday. It was a five-minute throw and score competition that could involve anyone from their House to throw quickly and accurately. The Top Three finishers in each event were awarded medals on the podium celebrated by their respective Houses and teammates.

The intensity, competitive enthusiasm, and team work shown by all was both contagious and inspirational to all. Personal competition at each event as well as the team competition made the Sports Day a great experience for all.

EDJO won the House Championship and has 'bragging rights' for the next year! It was a close competition with the Field events being the deciding
factor. There was some fierce competition as the Thursday morning competitions wound down, with the older students finishing by noon.

Track and Field Meet
Many of the MES Cairo students were involved in an earlier track meet at the Olympic Stadium the week prior to the Sports Day. The excitement and enthusiasm has now created the desire and need to develop and organize an official Track and Field Team here at MES Cairo. Additional trainings and possible meets will be held as early as the start of Term Three.

Coach Johnson - MES Cairo Athletic Director  



Fall -2012

The school year has just begun and already the enthusiasm, anticipation, and excitement for the beginning of our Fall Athletic season have erupted on campus. The first day of practices is September 11th.

The Fall Sports are: Varsity and Junior Varsity Football, Varsity and Junior Varsity Volleyball, Rugby, Swimming, and Golf. Open gym basketball and open conditioning for athletes either practicing currently or preparing for a sport later on in the year will also start soon. Water Polo, which we thought might be a fall sport, will begin the third term which leaves plenty of time for swimmers to get their season concluded and start thinking of playing Water Polo.

With the incredible new addition of an all weather track, students are excited for the start of the Track and Field season in the spring. With this level of interest, there is a possibility that cross country running could, in the near future, become a Fall competitive sport at MES. There is also an ASA devoted to distance running this first term.

Students must return all four athletic registration forms to the athletic office prior to their starting of their respective sport. One of the newest additions to the registration packet is the Athletic Honor Code which for the first time ties a student's academic progress and behavior throughout the entire school to their participation on our athletic teams. We are excited for this opportunity to help our student athletes succeed not only on the pitch but also in the classroom and as MES citizens around campus.




Upcoming Events

IBO Exams (2-13)/ AP Exams (2-12)
Tuesday 3rd May 2016 to Thursday 5th May 2016

Y6 Transition to Secondary Mtg 1:45-2:45
Wednesday 4th May 2016

Y4 Ain Sokhna Trip 2 (4-5)
Wednesday 4th May 2016 to Thursday 5th May 2016

Y7 Target Setting
Thursday 5th May 2016

WIRED Inservice 9:00-2:50
Sunday 8th May 2016

All ASAs Start (T3)
Sunday 8th May 2016

IBO Exams (2-13)/ AP Exams (2-12)
Sunday 8th May 2016 to Wednesday 11th May 2016

Languages Trip (France)(7-12)
Monday 9th May 2016 to Thursday 12th May 2016

Y6 Options Deadline /Primary Parent/Teacher Meeting
Tuesday 10th May 2016

Primary Parent/Teacher Meeting
Wednesday 11th May 2016

Y7 Total Celebration
Thursday 12th May 2016

G6-9 MAP Tests (12-31)
Thursday 12th May 2016

Y4 Ain Sokhna Trip 3 (15-16)
Sunday 15th May 2016 to Monday 16th May 2016

Last Day for Seniors  
Monday 16th May 2016

Secondary T&L Week (15-19)/ Y6 CAT and MAP tests (17-19)/ G6-9 MAP tests (12-31)
Sunday 15th May 2016 to Thursday 19th May 2016

FS1 Gradparents' Day
Tuesday 17th May 2016

FS1 Production
Thursday 19th May 2016

Excellence in Education Interviews (22-23)
Sunday 22nd May 2016 to Monday 23rd May 2016

Whole Staff Professional Development Meeting 12:00-4:30 / GQ import & Warning Lists
Monday 23rd May 2016

G12 Final Exams (22-26) / Primary Assessment Week (22-26)/ G6-9 MAP tests (12-31)
Tuesday 24th May 2016 to Thursday 26th May 2016

US Academic Warnings
Thursday 26th May 2016

Graduation Photo
Sunday 29th May 2016

G6-9 MAP Tests (12-31)
Sunday 29th May 2016 to Tuesday 31st May 2016

Primary French Day
Monday 30th May 2016

Spring Choral Concert
Monday 30th May 2016

Art Exhibition - Opening
Tuesday 31st May 2016