Art and Design Technology

The Art and Design Technology Department crosses all three sections of Secondary school. There are Art lessons and Design Technology lessons for all Grade and Year 7 and 8 students. British Section students have the options of IGCSE Art and Design and IGCSE Design Technology in Years 9 and 10, and AS and A2 Art and Design in Years 11 and 12. Visual Art is an elective in the American High School for all grades and Advance Placement Art is offered for our most talented G11 and G12 students. Photography is a popular option for G12 students. Grade 9 and 10 students can elect to study Design Technology with opportunities in both the workshop and ICT room. Every year students apply for and are offered places to study abroad. Recently graduated MES students are currently studying art in Canada, Greece and at the University of the Arts in London, UK.

We celebrate the creative talents of our students at our annual School Art Exhibition. Last year we were honored to invite the renowned Syrian artist Asmaa Takieddine to inaugurate our Gallery, our most successful exhibition yet!




In addition to the curriculum the department offers all students across the school the chance to become involved and be creative through the after school activity program and competitions run throughout the year. The After School Activities range from photography to glass painting to big projects such as mural around the school and stage sets for the school productions.

Upcoming Events

IBO Exams (2-13)/ AP Exams (2-12)
Tuesday 3rd May 2016 to Thursday 5th May 2016

Y6 Transition to Secondary Mtg 1:45-2:45
Wednesday 4th May 2016

Y4 Ain Sokhna Trip 2 (4-5)
Wednesday 4th May 2016 to Thursday 5th May 2016

Y7 Target Setting
Thursday 5th May 2016

WIRED Inservice 9:00-2:50
Sunday 8th May 2016

All ASAs Start (T3)
Sunday 8th May 2016

IBO Exams (2-13)/ AP Exams (2-12)
Sunday 8th May 2016 to Wednesday 11th May 2016

Languages Trip (France)(7-12)
Monday 9th May 2016 to Thursday 12th May 2016

Y6 Options Deadline /Primary Parent/Teacher Meeting
Tuesday 10th May 2016

Primary Parent/Teacher Meeting
Wednesday 11th May 2016

Y7 Total Celebration
Thursday 12th May 2016

G6-9 MAP Tests (12-31)
Thursday 12th May 2016

Y4 Ain Sokhna Trip 3 (15-16)
Sunday 15th May 2016 to Monday 16th May 2016

Last Day for Seniors  
Monday 16th May 2016

Secondary T&L Week (15-19)/ Y6 CAT and MAP tests (17-19)/ G6-9 MAP tests (12-31)
Sunday 15th May 2016 to Thursday 19th May 2016

FS1 Gradparents' Day
Tuesday 17th May 2016

FS1 Production
Thursday 19th May 2016

Excellence in Education Interviews (22-23)
Sunday 22nd May 2016 to Monday 23rd May 2016

Whole Staff Professional Development Meeting 12:00-4:30 / GQ import & Warning Lists
Monday 23rd May 2016

G12 Final Exams (22-26) / Primary Assessment Week (22-26)/ G6-9 MAP tests (12-31)
Tuesday 24th May 2016 to Thursday 26th May 2016

US Academic Warnings
Thursday 26th May 2016

Graduation Photo
Sunday 29th May 2016

G6-9 MAP Tests (12-31)
Sunday 29th May 2016 to Tuesday 31st May 2016

Primary French Day
Monday 30th May 2016

Spring Choral Concert
Monday 30th May 2016

Art Exhibition - Opening
Tuesday 31st May 2016