The MUN organisation provides students with opportunities to become knowledgeable and active world citizens. It is a great way for students to not only learn about major world issues but to formulate ideas, debate solutions, and practise the skills of negotiation and compromise. This year, MES Cairo students have been given the opportunity to attend four MUN conferences that were held in varied and exciting locations: Cairo American College MUN in Ma'adi, Iberian MUN in Lisbon, Portugal, North American Invitational MUN in Washington D.C., USA, and Nevsky MUN in St. Petersburg, Russia. MES Cairo students participated in these conferences in a variety of ways including presenting opening speeches, the sponsorship of resolutions and the delivery of persuasive speeches to their fellow delegates. I would like to thank all those students who participated in any of the MUN conferences this year. Through your experience you came away with knowledge of important issues existing in our world today and have been fortunate enough to contribute new ideas on how to peacefully resolve them.
Ms. C. Flake - MES Cairo MUN Leader

XXXII CACMUN Conference Ma'adi, Cairo - October 2010
'' Empowering the Powerless'' is the motto of the CACMUN and the main goal of the United Nations. During this fruitful conference, all delegates worked in their forums to provide solutions for the issues that were discussed during the three-day sessions. The General Assembly, known for its large number of delegates, was the one I entered at the CACMUN as the delegate of Norway. It was the only forum that had the delegates of Israel and Iran come to an agreement on the issue of the establishment of a Middle Eastern Nuclear-Weapons-Free-Zone (MENWFZ). The CACMUN was very well-organised. The three issues were very challenging, but with hard work and persistence all the delegates came up with productive solutions. Sarah Assem (G12)

IBERIAN MUN Conference Lisbon, Portugal - November 2010
 Lisbon MUN was an experience to remember. We had a great time meeting new people from around the world and enjoying the many cultural sites of Lisbon. We also had a memorable time during the conference. We were lucky to attend the delivery of a great speech by the American Ambassador to Portugal, Allan J. Klutz. We also had the chance to meet the Egyptian Ambassador to Portugal, Hamdi Loza and have an interesting conversation with him. During our free time, we had the chance to visit some of Lisbon's most famous historical sites and have a group picture with a palace guard who was very professional and would not smile while taking the picture with us! Not an experience to be missed in the future! Mohamed Basyouny (G12)

NAIMUN Conference Washington DC, USA - February 2011

When I first arrived at the conference I can honestly say I was terrified. There were many new faces around me, Chair looked extremely serious and fierce, and I was scared of contributing. However, as the conference progressed I realised that this was fun and began to enjoy myself. My committee was rather different compared to most, due to the fact that it was a war game that we were fighting against the Indonesian Government for freedom. All of the participating students, aged sixteen to eighteen, loved the excitement and stimulating atmosphere of our Conference and we didn't even mind when they woke us up at 12am for a surprise session! The Conference itself wasn't the only thing enjoyable about the trip. Half way through NAIMUN, we as Egyptian students were asked to attend a question and answer session about the current events in Egypt. I must say I felt very proud and felt that the foreign students got a better perspective of what Egyptian people think, instead of just hearing it through the media. I truly hope that I will be fortunate enough to attend the 49th NAIMUN next year. Seif Abdel Ghaffar (DP11)


NAIMUN Conference Washington DC, USA - February 2011 Even though it was difficult to prepare ourselves perfectly well for the conferences with school shut down and internet cut off, the Washington trip turned out to be marvelous. The sessions were all very interesting. So many people had different and bright ideas for solving global problems - this really made me believe that our generation can truly make the world a better place! We heard a speech about helping poor children in the world from a man called Marc Kielburger, whose brother is the founder of "Free the Children". To say that his speech was wonderful would be an understatement. I have never been so touched and motivated by a speech like that and I'm sure everyone in the audience felt the same way. The best part of the MUN committee sessions was meeting so many people from so many different countries. This trip was not only fun but it helped me realize that one person can make a big difference, and that anybody, no matter who or where they are, can contribute towards saving the planet! If you want to help "Free the Children" you can visit their Facebook link - you won't regret it! Ingie Enan (G9)


NEVSKY MUN St. Petersburg, Russia - March 2011

I believe that everybody should take part in MUN as it provides you with academic and social, life-long lessons. I got to meet so many different people and made so many new friends from all over the world. Several people gave an opening speech for their country and I was one of those people. Giving a speech to so many people can be very daunting. At first I underestimated the situation and when I got up there to deliver my speech, my heart was pounding and I panicked. Thankfully, I managed to get through it! This was my first MUN trip and so it became easier to speak in front of people as I got to know them and became accustomed to having such a large audience. My favourite part was the voting, as every country had a say, and then came the moment where everybody found out whether the resolution would pass or not. We also enjoyed many social events. It was fascinating to watch a traditional Russsian dance. The dancers invited some of the people from the audience to join in! The ballet we saw was spectacular. Adam Mohsen Galal (G12)




  or a snowboard and some were keen to see snow for the very first time. After a long journey to Les Elfes, Crans-Montana, students settled into their accommodation, enjoyed dinner and collected their clothing and equipment. Everybody was exhausted, but few got much sleep that night because they were so excited about getting out onto the snow!


Beginners spent the early part of the trip on the nursery slopes, getting to grips with their skis or snowboards. Three teachers joined the beginners, having swapped the familiarity of skiing for snowboarding, and they enjoyed the challenge of learning a new skill just as much as the students did. There were plenty of tumbles, but all of the beginners quickly picked themselves up, tried again and again and encouraged each other. There was lots of laughter on the nursery slopes for the first couple of days as the beginners got to grips with their skis and boards. After mastering the basics of staying upright, turning and stopping, all of the beginners were able to head out and join the more accomplished skiers in exploring the slopes of the beautiful resort of Crans-Montana. All the while, everybody gained confidence and improved their technique. MES Cairo teachers and the ski instructors were impressed by the determination and rapid progress of all the students.

At lunchtime each day, everybody would head back down the mountain to our accommodation at Les Elfes to enjoy a hearty lunch and swap stories from the morning on the slopes. Skiing and snowboarding are physically demanding activities, so we were all glad of the fresh bread, warming soups and the variety of hot and tasty food that was served each day. The weather was sunny so we were able to eat outside and enjoy the stunning alpine scenery and fresh mountain air. We were all glad of a rest, but were eager to get out on the slopes for an afternoon lesson.

The fun didn't stop after skiing. Students were greeted with hot chocolate and cakes when they returned from a hard day on the slopes and the entertainment team at Les Elfes organised a variety of activities. Students enjoyed ice skating, participating in table football and Wii competitions and played board games. However, the highlight of these late afternoon activities was definitely tubing, in which students sped down an icy track on rubber rings! The downhill part of the journey was exhilarating, but pulling the ring back up the hillside was far less enjoyable!

Before dinner, students frantically tidied their rooms in preparation for Miss Harrisons daily room inspection. Rooms were judged on criteria such as how well the occupants had organised their ski kit, whether they had made their beds, and how neat their wardrobes were. As the week progressed, rooms became tidier and competition became fierce as the students used a variety of imaginative techniques to improve their score, such as providing biscuits for the teachers. One group even sang the MES Cairo school song in attempt to score more points!

More delicious food was served at dinner times. Students ate healthy salads, warm bread, and a wide range of appetizing dishes, followed by mouth-watering desserts. Foundue Night proved to be a big success because the cheese was so stringy! We all laughed as the cheese strings grew longer and longer. Nobody had eaten fondue quite like that before!

More activities were organised after dinner, including a torch-lit walk, a girls versus boys competition, a games night and a trip to the cinema. One of the most entertaining events was definitely the bin bag fashion show, in which students demonstrated their creative skills by designing and making an outfit from a bin bag and a limited amount of additional materials. The designs were paraded on a catwalk for all to see and the team with the most creative outfit won a prize. Who knew that bin bags could be so stylish..?

All too quickly, the end of the week arrived. This was marked by a race, in which students sped down a slalom course to show us what they had learned during the week. We saw some pretty impressive skiing and snowboarding and some very fast times. The winners of each group received certificates and medals at a presentation evening. MES Cairo teachers and the instructors and staff at Les Elfes found it difficult to choose winners for the Most Improved prizes as so many students had made so much progress during the week.

On the journey home, we all reflected on a very eventful week. Everybody had made great progress in their chosen snow sport and had lots of stories to share with friends and families at home. Laden down with Swiss chocolate for loved ones back in Egypt, we left Switzerland. No doubt many of the students will return to the slopes in the future to enhance their skills, enjoy the mountain scenery, speak a little French and enjoy a little more Swiss food and culture.

Thank you to all of the students who participated in the trip for making it such a memorable one.

Ms. S. Harrison, Ms. C. Spencer, Ms. S. Havercroft, and Mr. J. Tomlin


Year Seven Science and Humanities Trip to Wadi Degla Protectorate Area.

 Year Seven have been learning all about plant and animal adaptations and classification. So, what better way to put their knowledge to the test than a trip to the desert! On Sunday 14th November 2010, sixty Year Seven students went to Wadi Degla Protectorate Area accompanied by four teachers, Mrs. Tomlinson, Mr. Tomlin, Miss Harrison and Miss Simpson, for a day of exploring the desert with a team from WESC. On arrival, the students were divided into six groups, each with a very able student group leader. These were, Samuel El-Metaal (Y7B), Aya Wahdan (Y7B), Mounira Hussein (Y7Y), Alia Mazhar(Y7Y), Malak Hassan (Y7R) and Iman Saleh (Y7R) . During the course of the day the students were involved in four stimulating activities. Activity 1 - Owl pellet dissection! In this activity the MES Cairo students really showed off their knowledge and understanding of how the owl is adapted to the desert environment and for feeding. Then came the messy part! In pairs the students were given a sterilised owl pellet. They listened carefully to the WESC leader on how the owl actually feeds and how to perform the dissection. Within the owl pellet the students extracted tiny skull bones which they then used to correctly identify what the owl had been eating. Amazing! Activity 2 - Plant classification. On first sight into the desert it looked barren, but take a closer look and you will find all kinds of plants that have adapted to live in this harsh environment. The WESC team had devised a 'treasure hunt' for our students to track down and name the various desert plants. The students used their skills of using keys and map reading that they had acquired in class to identify the different plants. The hard part was to try and pronounce those long Latin names. It is incredible how these plants survive. Activity 3 - Bats! In this activity the students learned all about how bats have adapted to feeding and their environment. They also learned about the impact of global warming on the bat population in the Wadi Degla Protectorate area. It was very alarming to hear how the bat population has decreased over the course of one year such that they are now very close to extinction. We were very privileged to actually see these beautiful little creatures. Activity 4 - Fossils. It is very difficult to believe that the desert in which we stood was actually a sea at one time. The students went on a hunt to prove that this was true. They didn't leave a stone unturned and soon, many fossils of small-shelled sea creatures were discovered along with fossilised wood. The students also learned how these rocks were formed. That was the end of a very hot but awesome day in the desert for Year Seven! Mrs. J. Tomlinson - Secondary Science Department


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